Worship Service

Dear WLAC Family,

We continue with our teaching series that deals with some of the toughest questions facing Christians about life and faith. We’re calling the series, “Mind If I Ask?”

In “Mind If I Ask?” we will explore questions like:

  • How can I believe in God? 
  • How can I believe the bible is true?
  • Why do Christians believe Jesus is the only way? 
  • Why can’t we just be good without God and religion? 
  • Is Christianity against diversity? 
  • Is God anti-gay? 
  • Who cares if I identify as a boy or girl? 
  • Does God even care about evil and suffering? 

Come join us for this deep-diving series. Get ready to challenge your assumptions and learn what God’s Word really teaches about these questions. This series is for Christians and anyone else interested in what God has to say about life’s big questions. 

Nursery Care is available for babies up to 2 year olds.

Sunday School will be offered for kids ages 3 to grade 5 downstairs after the worship music.

COVID Update: Because of B.C.’s lowered hospitalization and transmission rates, the Provincial Health Officer has stated that MASKS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED in public indoor settings. In addition, there are NO restrictions on worship service capacity.